5 Things I Am Grateful For This Week

That I finally got my mojo back online ((^_*))

1. All our business permits are now granted. Hence our new pet project, Vizcaya Kids Alley is now proudly and lawfully providing fun for kids (and relief for parents yay!). From Barangay clearance, to Mayor’s Permit, Governor’s Permit, Sanitary Inspection, Fire Protection, all these are needed to obtain BIR receipts (ours now on printing press). Special thanks to my Husband who previously got drilled on the process whilst putting up his consultancy firm.

2. Ah yes, putting up a business is in no way easy. Expect massive setbacks that will break your heart and your soul.  Unless you really, really love what you are doing, love the challenge, and makes every member of your family happy with the decision to go into business. Thank you because I learned it in me that I do enjoy meeting people, pleasing people, and my boys are ever so supportive.

3. Consequently, Little C is well adjusting to meeting new kids. The first few weeks were full of drama due to his sensory issues. He found it hard to share the toys (only his cousin was allowed to play), he’ll request for certain videos to be played repeatedly all day. Like one tough Momma, I didn’t back down, and like a child after my own heart, he didn’t back down. Until he learned he won’t get anything from crying so instead he plays nicely along with two or three kids. When more kids arrive, he will opt to go out with his Daddy for a day’s out. They’ll go for ice cream and pizza just the two of them (which is totally unheard of last year as he simply won’t go anywhere without me). I am so grateful he is learning to deal with himself socially. And that we can be apart for longer hours now – like whole day.

4. I am eternally grateful for finding a staff that is smart, dependable, and one tough mother. She’s certainly one of the reason why I am back from blogging hiatus. I mentally prepared myself to stay away from the keyboard for about six months to train her. But one week and she learned how to deal with it (largely thanks to her being a young mother). It’s one thing to get a responsible staff and another thing to find a staff well trained beforehand and knows how to sell your service. We both found those in her and that makes her a gem. Because as you will learn when hiring (whether for a helper or a saleslady), not all of us wants to sell, not all of us wants to face people and smile at them all day.

Thank you to every parent who recommend us especially to children who can’t stop talking about us! Vizcaya Kids Alley located in Bayombong now have visitors from as far as Aritao, Bambang, Lamut, and Maddela, Quirino!

5. That I am now back to wardrobe planning hahaha. I only visit Kids Alley once a week (which allows us to explore new ventures hurrah) thus putting me in work clothes. Work clothes in my vocabulary equates to romantic chiffon blouses paired with tailored pants. Other days I’ll wear printed skirt toughened by formal collared skirts. I keep accessories to minimal such as stud earrings and cuffs  (sometimes replaced by a boyfriend watch). Kids dress up when they come visit us and so we should too!

That’s all for I’m baaack post. Be updating soon!


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