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“I want a great marriage, not a grand wedding.”~ Kero Pinkihan

A happy and contented, proud Ivatan wife to my best friend and soul mate, Ceasar. Together with our little Andreas, we are back in the Philippines rediscovering the countryside of Luzon. We used to be an expat family in Dubai for almost a decade.

I used to work as Human Resource Officer and now my whole life is devoted to our family.

I dabbled into blogging in 2006. Married couples need to exhaust all means of communication. And due to work, we can only talk on Fridays. YM, phone calls, and sms were simply not enough so I put up a site where I can talk about my boring days and Hubby gets to read them while I am asleep in another time zone.

When I finally landed in Dubai last quarter of 2006 and we started a family, I realized how unique our situation was and I wanted to document every misadventure we had. There gave birth to the expat lifestyle blogging. The url mrspinkihan.com actually stands for my initials – not as a wife of Engr. Pinkihan. I realized I made that ‘little mistake’ when clients refer to it as a home improvement blog. I wish I am but I finally realized I will never be a domestic goddess. If Hubby tells me over the phone to ‘make the most of my stay’ I translate it to my confusion ‘should I make the most of the swimming pool or go shopping?’

Of course what he means is that, I put away my camera and start packing like a little good wife will do.

It’s been an amazing years of writing online, dabbling to photography, meeting PR people. The blog has pushed me to widen my interest (on make-up and nail polish lol!) and it has kept my sanity in so many ways. You have no idea how expat life can be lonely at times.

Lastly, thank you to my photogenic boys (my son is a special needs child but every Mom has the most beautiful kid so don’t argue). Especially to my dearest Husband who has put up with my late night work, making sure I don’t get late for fashion shows, and seeing to it I have enough filler posts (a.k.a getaway).

This is my life ….. what used to be a celebration of being a new wife, a new mother, in a new country…is now an even better celebration for braving to step out of the comfort zone and chase our dreams. Thank you for your continued visit….xoxo

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– about the world
-about life
– about people
– about myself

– myself
– my family
– my world
– knowledge
– learning

– for my beliefs
– for my passions
– to accomplish
– to do good.
– to be true to myself
– against apathy

– the boat, don’t let the boat rock me
– be a rock

Be Remembered.


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