Arm Candy: Braccialini Handbags

Making the most of the shopping festival, I went to DFC over the weekend to buy some womens sandals. After visiting three stores and thinking loudly which color to buy : nude, white, or wine, my attention was caught by these funky leather bags from Braccialini. Take a look:

Braccialini is a 50-year-old brand from Florence, Italy. They specialized in leather goods and now operates in over 40 countries. It is owned by husband and wife, Roberto and Carla Braccialini. Carla was awarded “Cavaliere del lavoro” in 2009 from the President of the Italian Republic.

An incident where Carla’s bag was stolen inspired her to create a bag in the shape of a house and the tagline “In your handbag lies all your life” was born. The bag was well received in the market and gave Carla the opportunity to play around with her creativity and passion. Many unique shapes like the Tomato, Taxi and the Owl were created thereafter and these bags part of the Temi collection have become the image of the brand. The image of the rose forms the brand’s logo because of Carla’s love for flowers.

Braccialini is about bold colors, mix of different materials and lots of details.



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