Backyard Project: DIY Fire Pit

Gathering around an outdoor fire is very much part of the rural life. Especially up here in the mountains as the cold weather demands for it. When we arrived Kiangan eight months ago and greeted with chilly breeze and subsequent rain pouring hard, the first thing I scouted was a place for fire pit. While Hubby was busy putting up his company, I am having secret visions of entertaining family visitors by the fire pit.  S’mores, grilled fish and chardonnay, barbecue and prosecco, grilled burger patties…… yes I am selfish like that. Maybe it was my way of coping up and soothing my soul from the shock of no longer stepping into a H&M store every single week. Hahaha.

When the most crucial parts of establishing a new business passed by and we were able to purchase the two adjacent lots – by sheer luck and timing – we were faced with how to develop some 1000 sq meters of backyard. And finally Hubby decided on building a fire pit. Oh yes, if we are going to light up, we’re going to do it in style. Think stone walled pit set into the earth.

Fire pit is fairly easy to build – takes one weekend to build one that will last for generations to come. The hardest part perhaps is choosing which design. Do you want a traditional ring of fire or a contemporary square? Will you be building a patio around or opt for it standing alone for a more versatile space?

Light up in style with DIY Fire Pit.

Early stages of construction. We are building this simultaneously with the backyard fence.

Taking into consideration how we will use it  we opted for a square pit so it will be easier to fit in a grill iron (grilled lamb chops anyone?). To reach the fire pit, you have to walk some 70 meters from the house thus  we’re adding a small patio around so it is worth the run —  and a roof above so we can still enjoy barbecue rain or shine.

Hubby combined hollow blocks and paving blocks to build the fire pit. If you are interested to build your own, simply Google as there are many sites and You tube videos offering step by step tutorials.


Firepit in progress🔥🔥🔥


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We are still putting up the roof but the fire pit is ready for use. For three nights now, we are watching the moon by the fire. It’s just so romantic!!!! The firewood crackling, the warmth of the flame, moonlight shining through the enormous balete tree, our dogs snuggling close, what perfect way to end a day’s hard work.  

Chilly autumn nights call for it🔥🔥🔥 #lovemybabyboy A video posted by Kero | Kero’s Celebration (@kero_p) on

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