Baguio Must-Do: Asin Hot and Sulfur Spring Resort

By sheer luck we found the original Asin Hot Spring Resort. A lot of hotel resorts popped up in the area complete with high adrenaline sports amenities. But Hubby wanted to bring us somewhere rustic – hopefully even devoid of shower facilities yay – just like the simple resort he visited in Asin back in his university days ….eeerr some two decades ago.

After buying supa charger from Baguio City, we drove downhill for 30 minutes to Tuba, Benguet. The road is winding and at times dramatic as you pass by two man-made tunnels that are permanently wet and dripping (see video). Called Sipitan and Yanged respectively, these were dug on the mountainside by a British company for a railway system but was abandoned in 1915. Soon we stopped at a sari-sari store to buy snacks and also to ask for recommendations. The lady indulged us saying 50 meters away down the left side of the road is Sinot Asin Hot and Sulfur Spring Resort. She warned it is not as good as the new resorts in the area – mayhap referring to Palm Grove Resort located on the opposite side of the road – but Sinot is the original hot spring resort and has been around for decades.

At 9 o’clock, we were the first visitors thus the staff had ample time to tour us around the area. On the first level, surrounded by picnic huts they have a lap pool, a kiddie pool, and a private tub. Take the narrow stairs to go down down and you’ll find a coffee shop to your left. And then amidst the odor of sulfur, a most breathtaking view took us in. Sinot Asin Hot Spring and Sulfur Resort is situated beside a river! What gorgeous, lovely backdrop.

There were more several private tubs available and more being built. Soon other guests arrived and these private tubs were quickly filled up. We were simply content on the shallow tiled pool and rested our weary bodies from days of travel. We paid 80Php per adult and 50Php for a child. You are welcome to bring food as grilling stations are also available for use.

Accordingly hot springs in Asin are believed to be a result of Mt. Cabuyao, a dormant volcano. Mt. Cabuyao is in Mt. Sto. Tomas, the highest peak in Tuba town.

Sharing some more photos:

The lap pool in the no-frill resort with some part as deep as 6 feet. We were informed it is not filled with hot spring water due to its volume demand.

One of the many private hot tub scattered around the resort. Love that they designed it to complement the natural surroundings.

Little C curious why the pool is emitting smoke. This is our first hot spring experience!

A proud gardener’s hand hikhik. Among top 5 health benefits of bathing in natural spring water includes 1) detoxifying, 2) boost immune system, 3) improves blood circulation, 4) relieves eczema conditions, and 5) treats scalp problems.

As rustic as can be! The free flowing water is discharged on to the river.

I wanted to track down the resort’s website but only found a Facebook page. After gathering bits and pieces of news, I learned the resort is a property of Brgy. Tuba (where Asin is a sitio) and Asin Hot Spring Resort is managed by Mr. Roger Sinot. Any correction on this information is most welcome.

Little C trying to figure out how to jump onto the river which he reckons is far more exciting than in a confined pool.

The race is on for these water babies!Beside the resort is a picturesque hanging bridge we also took time to explore.

What wonderful scenery to cap off our visit to Asin!

Have you been to this part of Benguet? Where else can you experience hot spring resort around the Philippines? Share us your recommendations!


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