Brunch At La Postreria Dubai

I am soo delighted to have found these iPhone photos! I knew I saved them somewhere but in the busyness of my online world, I forgot which folder they went through. This was a brunch early this year when the weather outside was still bearable. Now, it’s impossible to dine al fresco hence I am certainly drooling over this photos.

La Postreria patisserie counter

La Postreria is a Spanish chain billed as dessert studio but also offering a fine dining experience. We came from a long morning walk and stopped by at Souk Al Bahar for our usual breakfast spot. We passed by the newly opened restaurant where a staff offered for us to check the menu. Hubby, seeing his other great love paella listed didn’t think twice and asked for a table on the terrace.Not that i mind but I felt bad i did not have my DSLR to go trigger happy.

View from our table is the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa.

Complimentary brown bread and dip.

I needed my dose of tea and orange juice so while Hubby opted for lunch menu, I still went for their English breakfast offering.

Hubby’s mouthwatering seafood paella.

Your Dirham goes a long, long way. I hope more restaurants will adopt this charity feature.

After-meal service.

While their breakfast offering can still be improved, we are to come back again and again for the paella. It is reasonably priced and cooked much more authentic knowing this is a Spanish chain. Their service too is very commendable.

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