Bulletproof Designer Clothes

They call him the Armani of armour.

Colombian designer Miguel Caballero is enjoying a huge success in US of A. His high-end clothing line which is completely bullet proof is a hit among celebrity and politicians. Unlike any bulky bullet proof material, his products includes suits, leather jackets and shirts, are deceptively light and flexible, and look no different from any other clothing item.

DailyMail.co.uk says his clients include Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Sean (Diddy) Combs, King Abdullah II of Jordan and the Prince of Asturias. He has made a kimono for the actor Steven Seagal, tunics for the Wu-Tang Clan and is even rumoured to have provided clothing for President Obama to wear during his inauguration.

Each garment features removable panels of the nylon-polyester-based fabric that must be removed before it is cleaned. But once a wearer has been shot, the piece is rendered redundant, and must be replaced.

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