Day Trip To Gardens of Versailles

France boasts plenty of formal gardens but perhaps, the magnificent of them all is the 800-hectare Gardens of Versailles. It is situated west of the colossal Chateau Versailles, former home of the King of France and the largest palace in Europe. The vast landscape is perfected French garden by Andre le Notre. I share with you my photos:

The Orangerie in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles with the lake Pièce d’Eau des Suisses in the background. It is named after the Swiss Guard who constructed the lake. The water feature of about 15 hectares is the second largest at Versailles.

Groves in the garden

The Colonnade featuring 32 arches and 31 fountain. At the center is a sculpture ” The Abduction of Persephone.”

The Apollo Fountain and the The Grand Canal. The fountain was constructed in 1668 depicting the sun god driving his chariot to light the sky. The Grand Canal served as venue for the French Royal boat parties.

We visited on a Sunday so we were treated to a spectacular fountain show. I will share the photos next time so do come back.


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