Emirates Palace: Camel Ride

 On our way to the Adventure Park on the West Wing of the Emirates Palace, the guide informed us that the hotel also offers the traditional camel ride. It is available until the sun sets. So as soon as Little C had enough of the water play, we proceeded for a quick walk to the beach.

We were met by the man tending to the camels. He was warm and welcoming and he asked us to join him in the Bedoiun tent for an afternoon tea. He gave us clean water to wash our hands first then offered dates while he went to brew tea over hot coals.

Our charming and gracious host ((^_^))

Tea, dates, and water.

Hubby refused to ride because he pities the camel..and he thinks it is simply similar to riding a carabao. So Little C and I went ahead. It was a little scary start – especially when the camel lifts its but first before its hump. You have to hold on tight lol!

Some say that a real UAE vacation means you have to be snapped riding the camel. Well, you can get that for free at Emirates Palace. It was the highlight of our summer break.

While we savored the camel ride along the 1.3km exclusive beach, Hubby went to make friends with a baby camel ((^_^)).

 Thank you, Emirates Palace. My son who has certain fondness for heights was very thrilled!! It was a wonderful experience.


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