Give the Gift of Choice for Mother’s Day!

It’s the time of the year again to honor the greatest women in our lives. Have you thought of the perfect gift yet? You have three days to decide you know. Will it be a bottle of perfume, a new handbag, or a jewelry? But which style of bag? What color? What kind of fragrance? Or maybe she would like a spa treatment this time? Getting the perfect gift for Mom is tricky but fret not for today, I discovered something perfect to give her.

Introducing an online mall of Gift Cards steadily growing popular in the Middle East. It is the first of its kind in the region and widely appeals to residents and expats for they can send gifts anytime anywhere in the form of prepaid eGift Card. The recipients can redeem them in UAE, Lebanon, and Qatar giving you no excuse to miss any occasion be it Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday or Anniversaries.

Make her feel extra special this Mother’s Day…

This Mother’s Day, you can choose from luxurious world famous brands close to Mom’s heart like Swarovski, L’Occitane, Agent Provocateur or even prestigious department stores like Galeries Lafayette and Botique 1. You can also opt for renowned local brands like S*uce, O’de Rose, and Liali Jewelry. If you are keen to give beauty and spa voucher for  Mom’s much deserved pampering, choices among others include NBar, NStyle, and SensAsia.

3 Easy Steps To Send eGift Card

1. Create an account with You may also opt for instant registration via your own Facebook account. Then pick the eGift Card you wish to send from the 55 stores available.

2. Add greeting and photo to personalize. Ain’t that neat?

3. Check out and send. Payment is made via PayPal, Mastercard, or Visa.

What’s more, you will be notified once the recipient opens the eGift card which he/she can access via web or smart phone. The gift voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue. You won’t have an issue forgetting to redeem it because gives gentle reminder on your email you have yet to redeem your gift card.

When asked to review this service, I chose Jones The Grocer gift voucher. Yes they have that as well including ACE Hardware, Toys R Us, and Babies R Us. Actually they have plenty of family friendly entertainment brands like Ferrari World, Yas Island, and VOX Cinema. They also have Plug Ins and Go Sport which means I need not look further for Father’s Day gift ideas in June.

The E-Gift  arrived on my email yesterday and we are excited to try. I will update this post on Sunday to see how quickly I am able to redeem the Gift Voucher but frankly, I do not foresee any issues. I just wanted to share this with you quickly for May 11, 2014 is one celebration you should not miss to make Mothers anywhere in the world feel extra special.


Post Update: Sunday, May 11, 2014 / Mother’s Day

As promised I will share my experience on redeeming the gift voucher. And I had no problem at all! This despite the place being exceptionally busy on a Friday morning. For the uninitiated, Jones the Grocer is a gourmet food retailer originating in Australia.  The aim is to give you a taste of contemporary Australian cuisine with international influence. It is especially famous for its walk-in cheese room and vibrant cafe offering natural ingredients sourced from its artisan groceries which you will also find on the shelves for customers to bring home.

The place was packed and buzzing with families enjoying late breakfast. I asked the staff in-charge of the till if they will honor my voucher. After a brief consultation with the store manager – it didn’t take two minutes – we were asked how we wanted to spend it: dine in, take-away, or do some grocery.  Anyway we like it and Jones the Grocer will happily honor.

We were expecting family friends and since it is the weekend of Mother’s Day, I opted to use YouGotAGift voucher for goodies I can serve during afternoon tea. Little C was also quick to decide his own purchase: a tub of creamy, homemade strawberry ice cream, gluten free brownie bar (divine!), and another tub of yoghurt garnished with honey and figs. I asked for him to share a spoon and both were gorgeously melt in your mouth experience!

With the help of the smiling, polite staff, I asked for each of their best sellers. This also gave me the chance to inquire when is the best time to visit and secure a table: weekdays early morning as soon as the cafe opens for breakfast. I hope you noted that down, dear readers!

And here’s our Jones the Grocer inspired afternoon tea:

A very happy Mother’s day to everyone celebrating!

After purchase, I received an evaluation on my mail. Our verdict:

We had a wonderful experience with I am glad I chose to recommend it early on especially at the onset of a very special occasion. This gives you a chance to make someone feel very special despite the distance. Also a very good option to give for people who seem to have just about everything!

For the Arabic version of the video, you can watch here.

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*I received a gift voucher in exchange for this review. However all opinion is 100% genuine and uninfluenced.

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