Hidden Message Collar Stays

There are sure advantages of having a workaholic husband. It’s obvious so I won’t have to point that out. The downside is: be ready not to celebrate birthdays or Valentine’s Day. Don’t expect flowers or chocolates or dinner when all the lovebirds in the world are out – making sure you know what they are doing, what they received, and what they ate via Instagram. I had to close down my Facebook page in envy.

I can hardly wait for spring break when I can drag Hubby to a getaway.  Yes it’s probably the main reason why we take those little hotel staycations. There is simply too much stress on work. But until spring comes, I am left to look for guy approved gifts to remind Hubby just how much I cherish him.

I ordered some collar stays with some flirty messages. It is made of stainless steel and a box contains six pairs of debossed messages which includes: “I love you”, “You treat me like a queen”, and “I might if you ask me.” I think it’s a clever way to keep the love alive!

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