Horse Riding in Dubai with Al Sahra Equestrian Centre

How would you like to explore the desert riding a horse and watch the sunset over Dubai skyline from a saddle?

Photo by Al Sahra Equestrian Centre

Recreational riding is a must outdoor experience when you come visit the UAE. Whether you are a beginner, an advance rider looking forward to gallop in the dunes, or even a dressage rider, you are bound to find  excellent stables and equestrian clubs to join. After all, horse riding is a national sport in this glorious country. And Dubai World Cup annually hosts the richest horse race in the world.

Al Sahra Equestrian Centre

Al Sahra is a place for people of all ages and capabilities interested on horses.

Located in Jebel Ali- Lahbab road, the 2.4 square kilometres picturesque property is peacefuly surrounded by desert dunes. Al Sahra Equestrian Centre offers recreational horse riding in the desert, camel excursions, and horse-riding lessons for all ages. This is the second equestrian centre we visited and I was struck most with their competitive prices. The desert ride for 90 minutes costs only 300AED ($81). If you wish to start immediately (like I do) with proper riding lessons, you do not have to endure long waiting lists for Al Sahra has 20 horses at the centre.

Children enjoying their horse-riding lessons.
(Photos by Al Sahra Centre)

16 And A Princess

I have always been fascinated with horses for as long as I can remember. I drag my boys to watch the race at Meydan race track and begged Hubby for a staycation at The Meydan Hotel. I love watching horse movies and recently cried my heart out at the film War Horse. Work schedule is crazy but when I learned I have a chance to finally ride a horse, I didn’t think twice.

The center is run by Karen, she’s the kindest and most accommodating and made us feel very welcome. Then I was introduced to Chrissy, the advance instructor who will ride with me, and then to a lovely white horse named Dolly.

Photo by Al Sahra Equestrian Centre

Horse back riding was easier than I thought. Just relax, breathe deep, and pull the rein to your left or right where you want your horse to take you. I made it there in the desert saddled on my own horse and just followed Chrissy and Picasso – her magnificent ride. We rode for an hour, enjoying the serene desert, and further rewarded a sight of a graceful gazelle going for  a run. Chrissy tells me there are days they see desert foxes and owls nesting on the ground.

Then the sky turned orange above us. The sun starts to set and we see Dubai skyline enveloped in blue hour. It was a breathtaking, magnificent sight.

How do you feel? Chrissy asks momentarily breaking the spell. She’s bubbly and has such a  great personality. How do I feel? Right now, I am imagining Arya and Sansa, the Ladies of Winterfell.

16 and a princess.

And Chrissy broke into a loud laugh. I am definitely coming back here soon. Instead of staycation to ease the stress, I’ll opt to commune with nature, breath the fresh air, and feel the powerful animal take me for  a ride. Hubby must have noticed the excitement for he offered me to take horse-riding lessons.

Al Sahra Equestrian Centre also provides the necessary support for children with special needs. Horse petting, camel feeding, and pony rides are some activities they can enjoy.

Champagne Tours

It is a 40-minute drive from Dubai. But after riding the camel in their natural habitat or just when you are starting to bond with your horse, you might wish to stick awhile, pitch your tent and stay for the night. But Al Sahra does not provide accommodation. However, they were recently granted license and will be offering horse and champagne tours. A dreamy, romantic experience. Now that is something we would all really love to do.

Watch out for champagne tours on this dreamy setting.
(Photo by Al Sahra Centre)


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