Lunch At Red Lobster

We are not a fan of lobster or shrimp. We’re more of a salmon and seaweed type of seafood lovers. But we needed a break from Texas Road House. I mean every time we want to eat outside, we end up at Texas Roadhouse. I’ve had enough. For now.

Red Lobster is their sister company so it is also located beside our favorite restaurant. We seated, gave our orders and soon we were given a complimentary warm  bread basket.

A freshly baked bread with sharp cheddar cheese and herbs.

Hubby chose wood-grilled peppercorn sirloin and shrimps from the main course menu. His verdict, Texas Road House’s meat tastes better.

I ordered half portion of  Shrimp Linguini Alfredo. It was a creamy treat, I only wish it comes with a side dish of garlic bread. I’m glad I ordered only half of it.

We finished it off with coffee.

Maybe it was unfair we did not try their best offering but it’s not  a place I would want to dine again.

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