My First iPhone: 4S 64GB

Okay you can laugh hard because I got mine waaaaayyyyyy too late. ((^_^))

But you see, I chose to wait until I can be sure of my ‘purchasing power.’ I want to own an iPhone without any guilt. I want a smartphone that I can sustain — without any credit. Not simply jump on the trend because everyone has it and end up paying for the phone the next 48 months. Tell me, where is the fun in that?

First, thank you to my ever generous Hubby who  paid for a 64GB iPhone 4S. Oh I really don’t care much for a huge data storage. I just wish to own one and be acquainted with one Apple product and really, I’ll be fine with a 16GB. But Hubby pointed out the price difference is not much so might as well get the top of the line. Well thank you so much for his insistence because now I understand why anybody would kill for a huge data storage. I spent great deal of last night at Apple store downloading endless free applications. I’ll let you in on my top 5 apps later on.

We bought the phone on Saturday just before driving home. Along the way, I firmly clutched my satchel containing the small white rectangular box and sat there so very quietly. I was speechless. I couldn’t believe my luck. My fate. Hubby tried  a small talk but I just could not bring myself to say anything. I placed the box unopened in the dresser and slept. Maybe I wanted to be sure I was not bloody dreaming.

The next morning, after packing Little C to school, I went to my morning run and at last decided to open the box. Alas, the small paper only explains the 4S features. No instructions – not even how to charge the thing. I guess they assumed everyone who buys the 4S must have previously owned an iPhone. Poor me.

I went online and read all I needed to know at the Apple support. I visited my carrier provider and the staff stared at me like I am from Mars. For anybody new to owning an iPhone, you might find this handy:

1. Like in any Apple product, opt for the one with bigger storage and you will not regret it. Save up for 64 GB.

2. Black or white? The white one is uber-trendy. I absolutely fell in-love with the photo of the late Steve Jobs holding the white iPhone. I’m a sucker for anything white (except for white shoes these days). BUT I chose black color because I wish to be as discreet as possible. I’ve heard so many horror stories of people losing their most prized possession and heavens forbid, I do not wish that to happen. Let people think I’m carrying Samsung and not the world’s most coveted brand.

3. You will need a micro sim. You cannot use that big sim inside your BlackBerry Curve.

**Yesterday morning, I went to my carrier provider and asked my sim card to be upgraded to Elite Super Plan. One male staff immediately prepared the papers and just as I was about to fill in the details, he saw the  iPhone box I was carrying. He confirmed if it was my new mobile and stated, I will need a micro sim. One dumb moment in there. Thank you because my saving grace was a studded H&M blouse and cocktail shorts paired with sky high wedge. He asked if I was employed and I said my Visa states I am not allowed to work. He asked for our tenancy contract but I said the company pays for the apartment. He steered me inside the lounge with coffee and dates and explained how my new toy works. And reminded  that I will have to bring my husband next time.

4. It takes awhile to get used to the touch screen keypad. Frankly it can be exasperating. So before you can get any apps, download iTunes to your PC, create your Apple ID (special thank you to Mommy Ruby for helping me with this) then sign up for iCloud. This way, whatever you download from Apple store will go directly as well to your iPhone or iPad. No need to sync anything.

5. You’ll get very, very excited and at some point people will ask you to turn your iPhone off. Of course how to turn it off is the last thing you wanted to know. But for your work’s sake, turn off the phone by pressing y holding down the sleep/wake button at the top right-hand corner of the iPhone for a few seconds.This will bring up a screen asking you to run the slider across the screen to turn off the iPhone.

I gotta go now and figure out Siri. If you have any advice on what apps to download, please feel free to leave on the comment section. Thank you in advance!

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