Postcard Giveaway: Pres. Obama & U.S. Capitol

My postcard giveaway on my travel blog ends today. I am surprised with the number of people who joined and ultimately feels sad that I shall only have to pick one winner come midnight. A quick solution will be another giveaway ((^_^)).  I must say though that owning a blog is required to join the giveaway.

One lucky reader will win these cards:

A beautiful portrait of President Barack Obama

And to complete your collection, you will also get this amazing aerial view postcard of the U.S. Capitol and Washington Monument.

I will be sending these to you in an envelope because they’re so precious I wish for you to receive it properly. The winner will also get the chance to choose one postcard from my UAE album for trade. That makes it three postcards in one envelope.

How To Win:

1. Add this blog to your G+1 circles. Find the badge on the right sidebar.

2. Add this blog to two of your blog’s bloglist/link exchange page. If you are maintaining only one blog, it is fine. If you have more, you can only add me in two of them.

3. Leave your email address on the comment section and the links to the blog pages where you added Kero’s Celebration. If you win, I will contact you on the email you left.

This giveaway runs for two weeks and ends on February 23, 2012. I will give extra points to those who previously joined my postcard giveaways.

Thank you for your support and and good luck!




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