Review: Color Harmonizing Wellness Therapy by SpaDunya

‘In the ancient temples of Helipolis, Egypt, the force of colour was used, not only as an aid to worship, but also as a healing agent. These temples were oriented so that the sun shone through in such a way that its light was broken up into seven prismatic colours and suffering ones were bathed in that special colour which they needed to restore them to health.’ … excerpt from the book Seven Keys to Colour Healing by Robert Hunt

Yours truly spent a fascinating weekend morning in SpaDunya, a jewel in the heart of JBR. I was cordially invited to try their signature wellness treatment. It took us awhile to find a suitable schedule with my social calendar packed but I am immensely thankful we all found a convenient time. SpaDunya has received so many accolades worldwide and is voted as UAE’s Best Luxury Day Spa 2013. Thus I am eager to know what makes it a cut above the rest.

SpaDunya: The Colour Experience Spa

Located in SHAMS I Plaza Level of prestigious Jumeirah Beach Residence address, SpaDunya (Arabic that translates to Spa of the World) is the brainchild of Mrs. Shahida Siddique. She herself is an advocate of biodynamic and organic farming.  The spa opened in 2009 offering a holistic approach to wellness treatment and therapy by using Altearah Bio, a certified organic color therapy range produced in France.

Altearah Bio

My first acquaintance with the organic spa range is through Zanedo Beauty Box 2013 subscription. I took an immediate liking for the Orange Parfum sample and body oil. Unlike SpaDunya, Altearah Bio has been around for several years and the brand is also owned by Miss Siddique. Up to this date, Altearah Bio range –  –Face & body Oils, Eau de Parfum, serums, fragrance oils, candles, and bath salts  is created in a 200 years old organic farmland in Bellgarde, France.

Altearah Bio advocates healing and therapy by using colors. Thus the spa range offers 14 colors. They went on to combine principles of aromatherapy and chromotherapy in its composition. Then using acupressure points, olfactory and massage in its delivery systems, they eventually created SpaDunya as first flagship.

Color Test

Each treatment at SpaDunya starts with color consultation. This serves as guide for the therapists to customize treatment for each client.

Mrs Karima Nanji, Marketing Manager of SpaDunya sat down with me to do the color test. She laid out a color fan infront of me  with 14 different shades and I am to pick the first four colors I am attracted to.

The first color is the need of present or pleasure need. I chose Gold – which corresponds to confidence.

The second color is a deeper need which your body cells crave to rebalance. I chose  White – which corresponds to detoxification and purifying. (whew that explains why I am always  attracted to a white outfit! I need cleansing!)

The third color is the helper color as it will help with the second color to harmonize the mind, body and spirit. I chose Violet (Purple) – which corresponds to Balance. This is also needed to help me feel settled and grounded.

The fourth and last color signifies where you are heading once all first three colors begin to harmonize. I chose Turqouise which signifies serenity, renewal, destressing… it felt like a ‘holiday feel’.

She then went to get four colors of perfume that corresponds to my choices. She spritz on my palm, I rub, let it mix in the aura, then inhale deeply for 3-5 times. We do this until we finish each of the colors I chose.

I am then led to a changing room, chose my robe of color and met with my therapist for the day.

Signature Treatment: Color Harmonizing Wellness Therapy

I was introduced to Evangeline, the only Filipino therapist of SpaDunya. She led me to one of the spacious treatment room and was asked to lie down on my stomach. She covered me with thin crisp blanket and made random gentle massage all over as I engage her to tell me more about the day’s treatment. Soon I felt heat spreading on my tummy. Wow. A heated massage bed. Now I understand why people make such a big deal about this spa.

Evangeline asks if the temperature is right for me then informs she will be using my second color, the Altearah Bio White body oil to massage my back. She then proceeded to expertly undo knots on my shoulder and back. Soon the room is filled with hint of smell of lavender and citron making the atmosphere feel like purifying bliss.

Evangeline simply knew which spot to press and make me feel relaxed. Her fingers are warm, and gentle, and she massages me in a scientific yet artful approach. Soon I learned she has a degree in Physical Therapy. When she moves on to my torso, she leaves a hot pack on my back to continue relaxing those muscles.

Pure relaxation!

After 25 minutes, I was asked to lie down on my back then Evangeline informs me she will now use Altearah Bio Violet Body Oil. Again I feel heat spreading on my upper back. SpaDunya certainly raised bar on wellness treatment experience. Lying there on massage bed alone is pure bliss! She gives me a to-die-for scalp massage before moving down to the tips of my toes.

After 60 minutes of pampering including a facial massage, she then sprayed my last color of Altearah Bio Parfum in Turquoise. Immediately, the scent transports me to safe and serenity. Oh, I feel like a million bucks! Every woman should have this kind of pampering from time to time.

Aromatherapy, books, tea, and flowers. What more can a lady ask for? Truly, a day at SpaDunya is pampering like no other!

I finished the color wellness treatment with a cup of fruity tea infused with beetroot in their waiting lounge (which also has three beds tempting you to nap!). I spot  a mini library (hallelujah!) and am tempted to start Labyrinth by Kate Mosse (on my bucket list!) but alas I have other duties to perform.

And life is color and warmth and lightAnd a striving evermore for these.’~ Julian Grenfell

I left SpaDunya feeling rejuvenated, calm, and proud I have a deeper knowledge of myself. Colors affect us emotionally, psychologically, and physically. Whether we admit it or not, they have extraordinary powers in our unconscious. Thus knowing more of them through SpaDunya and Altearah Bio and consequently respecting color as nature’s healer, we are lucky in Dubai to have a holistic yet futuristic option on how to achieve mind, body, and soul healing.

For more information, visit or follow SpaDunya Club Facebook page. Additionally, you can visit the link directly for SpaDunya July and August promotion including Eid offers at–august-summer-wellness/

*The SpaDunya treatment is complimentary in exchange for this feature. However as always, all opinion is a 100% genuine and uninfluenced.


For those interested, SpaDunya also offer Color for Wellness Workshop. It is a one day workshop for interested healers Presenting Color as Therapy. For more information, contact SpaDunya at 04-4298662

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