Spicy Corned Tuna Quiche with Homemade No-Butter Crust

Good morning!

Breakfast for today is another huge batch of our current favorite treat Spicy Corned Tuna Quiche. And why not, it is easy to prepare, healthy, good looking(!) and just perfect for those unannounced visitors popping by for a quick coffee but ends up 5 hours instead on your kitchen table.

Besides, where do you get a quiche up here in the mountains but right in the comforts of your home? What’s more, the crust is very versatile. You can use a pie-crust mold if you prefer or go all country rustic and let your hands do the magic works. I don’t use rolling pin when handling this dough and that means less utensil used, less mess to clean-up, and more reasons to love this recipe.

Spicy Corned Tuna Quiche with Homemade No-Butter Crust


1 tin Spicy Corned Tuna 200g
2 tbsp mayonnaise
freshly ground pepper
a handful of chopped onion springs
a handful of fresh mint leaves

For Crust Pastry Dough

2 cups sifted all purpose flour
1tsp salt
2/3 cups cooking oil
1/4 cup ice water

Here’s How

1. Make the dough first. Mix flour and salt in a bowl, add oil and cut in coarsely with pastry blender or you can use fork.
2. Add ice water small amount at a time until you get a coarsely damp flour. Gather into bowl and press together firmly. The you can shape right away. Press into a pan or simply make a round or oval crust and slightly pinch the edges. Set aside.Pre-heat oven
3. To make your quiche filling, mix tuna and mayonnaise in a small bowl, add ground pepper. Then spread to fill your quiche crust. Garnish with onion springs on top and bake until crust is slightly browned.
4. Let cool on wire rack, add mint leaves for garnish, then slice.

Happy cooking!




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