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Visiting Disneyland California

This is smaller than Disneyland Paris yet for die-hard Mickey fans, it never loses its charm.  This is the only theme park designed and built under direct supervision of Walt Disney. We visited around Easter time and the whole place was packed! Returning to Gardena from San Francisco, we could …

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Visiting Ghirardelli Square

The mound of  shiny gold squares with trims of jewel-tone blue, pink, and green were eye catching on SIL’s dinner table in Gardena. Reading the brand, I assumed they were brought from Italy by their previous visitors. Smirk at my ignorance but I have never seen or heard of Ghirardelli …

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Yosemite Top Sights: Mariposa Grove

One more sight to see before we head to San Francisco! Thank you all so much for staying with me through these Yosemite blog series. It’s been a joy sharing our journey. Our first sight of Giant Seqouia, one of the world’s oldest living thing. Mariposa Grove is the largest …

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Yosemite Top Sights: Glacier Point

Today we pack out bags, tidy the cabin tent and prepare for travel to San Francisco. But during check out, SIL is informed Glacier Point finally reopens for tourists this year. I didn’t know what to expect or see there but SIL is so happy and I heard the Yosemite …


Property Feature: The Ahwahnee Hotel

Refreshed and rested from our 8-mile hike, we boarded the shuttle bus again to take us to the wedding venue, The Ahwahnee Hotel. SIL will be returning to Yosemite in May for the marriage ceremony of her Husband’s sister which will be held in the very same United States historic …