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Getting Down and Dirty for the Flowers

“She called almost midnight asking me to fetch her because her luggage from Kiangan were too much for her to carry. And you know what were in those bags? She traveled eight hours on public bus to bring home white stones for her garden in Tabuk!” I laughed so hard …

Making Your Home a Sanctuary

Having a beautiful interior in your home is the best way to help your family relax and feel comfortable. A home should be a place where the daily stresses of life can be left behind as soon as you walk in the front door. It should be a heaven, a …

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10 Energy Saving Tips For Your Refrigerator

It’s September and we’re back to school, back to tight budgeting with the ever increasing school fees in Dubai. Inspecting all areas we can economize, today I share with you some energy saving tips that will immensely help keep down your electric bills. The following tips are brought to us …