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5 Things I Am Grateful For This Week

1. We found a new helper! Thank you to recommendations of our previous helper’s friends, she is staying with us for a week now. And how I adore her. She’s young, very eager to learn, always cheerful and polite. Yesterday she asked how we like our coffee to be served. …

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Things To Do in Kalinga: Visit Ryan & Son’s Winery

Another impromptu road trip, another weekend of discoveries! We packed our bags on Saturday this time, in response to my eldest sister-in-law’s invitation. She  needed Hubby’s engineering expertise on how to go about her firewall construction in Tabuk City. He assessed the building for a minute and the neighboring structure …

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Top 7 Hiking Safety Tips

“I can’t call the caretaker because he is not familiar with this side of the mountain. We just have to keep going and find a marker he should be aware of.  Do you want to climb up again or we continue our descent?” I was on the verge of tears. …

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CDP Design Consultancy: The Office

At 40, Hubby ticked off one major entry on his bucket list. That is to start his own company. CDP Design Consultancy is a Philippine-based office supplying precast detailing, drafting, and design to concrete precast companies abroad. They opened doors barely a month ago and received their first contract with …

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Retired and Roughing It Up

“If we are to go around the area, it will take us one full day.” It is 10 o’clock Saturday morning of spring. Sun is warm but the shade of trees keep us cool. The sound of rushing spring water is everywhere. We drove about an hour through a narrow, …