Thank God for April Showers!

It’s been a month since we had a drizzle and the soil is parched and cracking. For days now it’s been very humid with grey skies threatening a heavy downpour. We waited for a day, second day, third day, a week and two and not a single drop from heaven…..until late afternoon yesterday. I was busy working online comparing prices of high hat cymbals when the rain started lashing.  We finished a backyard barbecue an hour earlier and I went out to make sure none of kids are caught in the rain – we had 14 of them join us for an afternoon smokey treat.

But as you expect from kids bored of the long, dry summer, they bathe in the rain instead of going home. I encouraged Little C to do the same and take shower in the rain. The neighborhood kids seeing our little fun asked to come back to our yard again so we opened the gates for them. And what a sight to behold! All 14 of them plus my son shrieking in delight, embracing the hard downpour, running after each other, and playfully took turns using the slide – which by then was slippery from the rain.

Ah the joys of a rural life!

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