The Most Stupid Thing

It’s The Love Month and Girl’s Talk is all about dishing on our love life. We are to share weekly the stupidest(!), most courageous, cheesiest(!), and things that we are willing to do for la la la love.

So we start with the most stupid thing =|.

I am probably on the list of the worst ex-girlfriends in the world ((^_^)). I was dating this other guy, who has the need to know my whereabouts — all the time. It came to a point that I got confused if this is what I  really wanted. One night, I was suppose to meet with a group of friends. I saw this as my only chance to meet with an office mate – a guy that I have been crushing on  and probably the cause of my confusion more than I would like to admit hahaaaa.

So for the first time, the office mate and I decided to meet near the place where I was suppose to hangout with my group of friends. Gosh, I was soo nervous and excited (hahahaaaa!) at the thought of having face to face conversation with him. We were working for the same office but for some reason, we ignore each other but talk through sms (kaloka!)

I said goodbye to my friends and went to our meeting place which was about 500 meters away. But lo and behold, in merely 30 seconds I arrive, the ex-boyfriend followed and demanded to know why was I alone in the area. I said that I was going to buy a bottled water and in between I frantically texted the office mate to call off our meeting. But my phone says it cannot detect signal and kept saying message sending failed. Must the universe conspire??

It took about another 30 seconds and the office mate arrived. The ex-boyfriend has never been comfortable of my office mate since day one. So he was shock, angry, and needless to say we parted ways.

It was the most stupid thing I did but I have no regrets because the office mate is now my darling Husband.  We will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary come April ((^_^)). Call me 2-timer but I think that there is always a  larger-than-life reason for every stupid thing we do =)

My lover and I during a holiday in Italy last year.

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