Visiting Disneyland California

This is smaller than Disneyland Paris yet for die-hard Mickey fans, it never loses its charm.  This is the only theme park designed and built under direct supervision of Walt Disney. We visited around Easter time and the whole place was packed!

Returning to Gardena from San Francisco, we could use a whole day of rest. But we promised Little C he gets to see Mickey Mouse for spring break.

Park ticket for one day costs $90 for children between 3-9 years of age. Adult pays $96. This will be our 20th day in USA and no way we can  stretch our budget to this hehe. Our tickets were sponsored by BIL whose Boeing company receives discount for Disneyland tickets.

After ticket validation, we join the queue for train ride which will whisk us to Hollywood land from Disney Downtown entrance. Called Disneyland Monorail, the trains are composed of blue, green, and orange.

Little C was lucky to get a a seat on the front most cabin giving us an impressive aerial view of of the park.

The ride is under 15 minutes at the speed of approximately 30mph. Dubbed as high-speed green transportation, it uses 600-volt DC power source, thus trains do not emit exhaust or pollutants.

As seen from above, the happiest place on earth!

And we arrive to Main Street!

Tired from roaming around, lunch was ice cream for more sugar rush and Hubby got to try Turkey leg which everyone seems to be devouring enthusiastically.

Our last stop is Mickey’s Toontown, a feature they did not have in Disneyland Paris. As expected, there was massive queue I could not get a proper photo of of Mickey and Minnie’s house without bumping on other people.

Welcome to Mickey’s Toontown where wrong turn is perfectly alright.

Minnie Mouse’s pretty pink and purple house.

With only a fence in between, beside it is Mickey Mouse’s abode.

Little C checking pout Chip n’ dale’s tree house.

Before leaving, we met the Fairy Godmother, what is your wish if you get an audience with her?

A little souvenir shopping..

and some more sugar rush!

When you see that castle and you know you are home…

*You can read here for more of our day visit to Anaheim California.

Date of visit, April 21, 2014.

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